Joseph White

Host and Presiding "Trivia Interlocutor"​

It's Fun, It's Entertaining, It's Stimulating and Educational!
What More Could You Ask For?

Activity Directors are always looking for new and innovative ways to rev-up their activity schedule - JEOPARDY JOE! is the perfect way to do just that!

JEOPARDY JOE! is an exciting collection of activities inspired by America's most popular games. From young adults to senior citizens, each JEOPARDY JOE! experience is a unique program designed to encourage participation, conversation and sharing each other’s stories and memories.

Music. History. Movies. Science. News. Trivia. Biographies. Art. Geography - you name it - JEOPARDY JOE! will have 'em begging for more.

The topics and questions are fun and challenging AND everybody can be a winner. JEOPARDY JOE! encourages participation and sharing as players take the opportunity to talk about their personal experiences, creating a lively and educational activity session.

• Senior Communities and Centers…
• Companies, Social Clubs and Organizations…
• Fund Raisers, Special Events and Family Reunions…
• Youth Groups, Schools and Education Facilities…

It's Got All the Bells and Whistles.

If you've got an electrical outlet - you can host a JEOPARDY JOE! event. JOE arrives with everything needed for a fun-filled activity, including a large portable screen, theater projector and laptop; flashing buzzers, game cards, badges and prizes.

Contact :
(314) 399-2223   (Visit Website)