DNA Preservation Capsule and Storage Container


The goal is to manufacture and sell a self-contained kit that will safely collect an individual’s bio-sample and store it in such a way as to make it viable for DNA sequencing for up to a minimum of 100 years.

This will be a direct to consumer product containing sampling implements, preservation capsule and protective storage case. Sample collection will be based on accepted scientific procedures in current use. The preservation capsule and storage case will be made from archival quality materials that will last and remain stable for 100+ years without special storage requirements.

Why Store Your DNA?

Genomic information will soon be a major factor in everyday healthcare. As sequencing costs come down and genetic databases develop, analyzing an individual’s genome will indicate health and risk factors that can be addressed earlier and earlier. As these advances are made it becomes extremely important to have genetic information for relatives, both living and deceased, in order to compile a more complete family history of genetic dispositions.

Your DNA is you, now and forever, and when you store it, you are able to lock a piece of yourself away. Your DNA gives present and future generations all there is to know about you and could help them make important life choices. It is the modern photograph, a time capsule that contains vital information about a person's ancestry that could benefit future generations.

DNA is the only form of identification that cannot be faked. It is an invaluable template of personal information that should be saved for the future. You should be the one deciding to preserve it. By preserving your DNA with DNA Archive, you take charge of where you keep it. You don’t have to send your stored DNA away – it stays safe with you and your family. You can store it at room temperature wherever you choose.

DNA and Healthcare.

Some family lines carry inherited genes that make members susceptible to developing various disorders. Knowing these genes are present can help people make important life decisions. DNA preservation is something anyone with a history of genetic-based conditions or cancer should consider. Sequencing stored DNA can actually pinpoint genetic factors and assist in curing various diseases and cancer.

Family Genealogy and DNA.

For those interested in genealogy, genome sequencing provides a wealth of information about family origin and ethnicity. DNA is the best method to positively trace family lineage for genealogy research. Having a collection of bio-samples from family members, past and present, can help you trace your family history back through history for decades, if not millennia..

A Chance for Immortality?

For those with a metaphysical take on the future there is another reason to store your genomic information. Could there be life be after death? Is immortality a possibility? Will we be able to come back to life in the future?

Scientific advances in genome sequencing, cloning, synthetic DNA, nano-imaging of an individual’s brain network and high capacity data storage are happening every day. There are those who believe that in the not-too-distant future, the convergence of these technologies will enable a person to be recreated as them self - actually come back to life in body and mind. What better way to be prepared for that eventuality than to have a viable sample of your DNA ready to go?

Now is the Time.

DNA degenerates when you die and funeral practices, such as cremation, destroy valuable genetic data. Your unique genetic code fades away into oblivion. But you can halt the clock, by storing a small bio-sample for posterity and having your loved one’s DNA available for future genetic testing.





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