I am a talented Marketing professional with more than 25 years experience helping companies achieve their branding and sales goals. I have continuously demonstrated my ability to initiate and implement integrated, cross-channel messaging programs with measurable ROI results.

My real world know-how can impact all aspects of a robust marketing program and I can bring this expertise to industry leading organizations that require performance at the highest level.
Demonstrated ability to work with marketing, sales and management teams in a collaborative atmosphere that builds and maintains strong relationships.

Excellent leadership and organizational skills in project management and resource coordination

Innovative strategic planning for marketing, ROI tracking and budget reconciliation

A proven high level of creativity and concept skills across the full spectrum of user experience, marketing and advertising channels

Outstanding creative writing and copy editing skills that effectively articulate complex messages to fellow team members and customers

Computer literacy with advanced capabilities in management and design software

Good listening skills and a reputation for never missing a deadline

Marketing communications is a constantly evolving field and the digital age has ushered in new paradigms for reaching a target audience. I have been refining my skills for over 15 years by continuing to integrate new methodologies and emerging technologies as they develop.

From strategic planning to hands on implementation, from building digital networks to one-on-one presentations, I have successfully demonstrated my ability to meet and exceed the goals and expectations set before me. With continuing studies in marketing management and a solid design background I am able to bring leading edge business practices and a high level of creativity to my work.